Isaac Julien: Three

Victoria Miro Gallery, London, 1999
10 - 30 September 1999

Known mainly for his work in cinema, Three is the most recent of Isaac Julien's works to be made specifically for a gallery context, combining a full screening of the film with three looped sequences back-projected side by side and presented almost as a moving photographic triptych.

Produced in collaboration with and featuring acclaimed choreographers Bebe Miller and Ralph Lemon along with British actress Cleo Sylvestre, Three explores aspects of desire through dance movements and symbolically weighted images. These are juxtaposed with their social, cultural or religious sources thereby reifying a narrative which draws on and comments on interdisciplinary codes. Indeed, one of the objectives of Julien's oeuvre is to break down the barriers which exist between different artistic disciplines by uniting them in an exponential dialogue. As such the collaborative nature of this work is one of its most important elements, drawing from and commenting on film, dance, photography, music, theatre, painting and sculpture and uniting these in a poetic landscape to construct a powerfully visual narrative. 


(Source: Victoria Miro)

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