Isaac Julien

Kunsternes Hus, Oslo, 2011
26 March - 19 June 2011

Boat refugees from Libya and Arctic landscapes


The internationally renowned British artist Isaac Julien (1960) works with films, film installations and documentaries. Julien is an engaged artist and filmmaker, and often lets actual events be the starting point for his visually striking and poetic expressions. As he himself has stated,
"I want my work to have a much longer durability than the headlines allow, so for me it's important that it's allegorised." He is thematically concerned with experiences related to gay and black identity, both in terms of social classes and sexuality, and representation in art and culture history. Julien's works borrow draws from various art expressions such as feature films, dance, photography music, theater, painting and sculpture. Isaac Julien has won several awards. He has been nominated for the Tournament Prize and won the award ceremony during the Cannes Film Festival.

The film installation WESTERN UNION: Small Boats (2007) is part of a triology that equates
different global regions, showing the importance of the place, both culturally and physically. The film themes immigration and follows the risky voyage of boat refugees across the Mediterranean, from Libya to Italy, on the way from war and famine.
Fantôme Créole (2005) is a film without dialogue showing scenes from African cities and desert landscapes and arctic landscapes in the north.


(Source: Kunsternes Hus)

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