Remastered version of The Passion of Remembrance to premiere in London and New York

September 29, 2022

The groundbreaking debut feature by radical film collective Sankofa (Isaac Julien, Martina Attille, Maureen Blackwood, Nadine Marsh-Edwards and Robert Crusz) will premiere on Saturday, 8th of October as part of the London Film Festival. 


As William Fowler writes in his programme note: "In their seminal, intersectional first feature, directors Maureen Blackwood and Isaac Julien incisively interrogate Black British experience, fusing dramatic scenes of family life with documentary and mystical elements, to give richly imaginative witness to a ‘post-colonial’ identity that encompasses generational, class, sexual and gender differences. Vividly manipulated footage of urban unrest, police brutality, gay rights marches and the miners’ strike, alongside chopped-up sequences showing a buzzing London night life, are intertwined, creating a penetrating example of Sankofa’s disruptive critique of 1980s Britain. And it looks fantastic."


The film will screen in a simultaneous transatlantic premiere with the New York Film Festival. The London screening will start at 17.30 at the BFI Southbank, NFT3, and the New York one happens at 17.30 EST at the Lincoln Center. 


The BFI National Archive’s 4K remaster, undertaken in collaboration with the directors and cinematographer Nina Kellgren, is based on the original 16mm negative and magnetic soundtrack final mix.

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