Isaac Julien at Art Basel

June 20, 2022

Isaac Julien's photographic artwork After George Platt Lynes was part of the Victoria Miro's presentation at this year's Art Basel. This photographic work is part of the Looking for Langston Series (1989/2016), created from Julien's 1989 landmark film Looking for Langston, a poetic exploration of artistic expression, the nature of desire and the reciprocity of the gaze. 


Speaking about After George Platt Lynes, Isaac Julien says: ‘Choreographing intimacy is intricate; it can be witnessed in the way in which bodies are sculptured in the space between the light and dark. This foregrounded chiaroscuro effect is mirrored above their heads, in the whispers of light and dark undulating the harp shape above them. The cradling of heads folded between the arms and limbs elevates these bodies to the Platonic state of eros, in the dynamic between intimacy and desire.’

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