Isaac Julien on Acute Art Live

June 4, 2020

Isaac Julien is set to appear in the next Acute Art Live session discussing Baltimore (2003) and the relevance to current issues today. The session will be hosted by Director Daniel Birnbaum. Tune in to watch A Conversation tomorrow (Friday) at 12PM (EST) / 5PM (BST) over on the @acuteart_ instagram page.

Baltimore (2003) deals with the cinematization of video art, on the one hand, and a queering and racing of the museum, on the other. The film installation works as an intervention that attempts to address the creolising vision in the space of the gallery.

Inspired by blaxploitation movies while he was filming his documentary BaadAsssss Cinema (2002), Julien appropriates the styles, gestures, language and iconography of the genre to create a work that defies easy categorization.

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