Playtime in Hypervisibility at The Palazzo Dugnani

4 April - 14 May 2019

Sheltered by the ceiling frescos in the Palazzo Dugnani, Hypervisuality features six films from the Wemhöner Collection - including Isaac Julien's Playtime. The exhibition bridges the gap between the visible and the invisible. In this case, the prefix ‘hyper’ is not intended to signify the plethora of images that are happily conceded to the media society, but rather a movement into the threshold of what can be visually displayed. Hypervisuality transcends this threshold with a foray through the cinematic art of alienation, taking as its examples Isaac Juliens Playtime, Yang Fudong’s New Women, Masbedos Fragile and 2’59’’ and Julian Rosefeldts The Swap and Deep Gold.


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