'0.10 RELOADED, Avantgarde 2018 at Galerie Sabine Knust'

Galerie Sabine Knust, Munich, Germany
14 September - 27 October 2018

0.10 RELOADED. Avantgarde 2018: Afroamerican and African artists as role models of a new humanistic Avantgarde


Curated by Dr. Eva Karcher as part of Various Others 2018 in Munich, Galerie Sabine Knust presents a new exhibition featuring Isaac Julien's work 'Omeros - The Sea is History (Homage to Derek Walcott)'.


'O.10" refers to an exhibition in 1915 in St. Petersburg, where the Russian Suprematist Kazimir Malevich for the very first time showed his painting "The Black Square", that then became the icon of the Avantgarde. Avantgarde in general can be described as a movement of resistance, a movement of a minority. Any avantgarde embodies a minority. The artists being presented in the show not only since many years significantly form contemporary esthetics, moreover they also represent a minority. As such they face more risks and are being exposed to more resentments and other negative impulses in general. These artists among others are in the center of contemporary art of today, because they mirror these existential experiences in their works in many different ways.'

 - Galerie Sabine Knust


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