'Common Ground' at the Akzo Nobel Foundation Art Space, Amsterdam

20 April 2018

The AkzoNobel Art Foundation is making its collection of international contemporary art accessible to the public at large.


Featuring work by several celebrated artists, including Isaac Julien, the inaugural exhibition at the Akzo Nobel Art Space - a new building designed by Tom Postma Design. It focuses on where people meet and communicate and how these places are represented and interpreted in art.


The multidisciplinary exhibition contains artworks by both young talent and internationally renowned artists, such as Jennifer Tee, Charles Avery, Damien Hirst, Otobong Nkanga, Sam Salehi Samiee, Maria Roosen, Hester Oerlemans, Guido van der Werve, Isaac Julien, Michael Wolf and Xiaoxiao Xu.

Several exclusive pieces have been created, including a mural by Gijs Frieling which expresses modern humanity's desire to reconnect with nature. Frank Havermans has also made a site-specific installation as a proposal for urban change in a world where everything is about efficiency, speed and standardization.


The exhibition, which is free of charge, is being staged at the AkzoNobel Center in the Zuidas area of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


For more information please visit the Akzo Nobel Art Space

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