Echoes of the South Atlantic Conference

Goethe-Institut, Salvador-Bahia
April 24, 2018

23-25 April, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil


On the Future of the Southern Transatlantic Relations


Isaac Julien and Mark Nash are in Bahia, Brazil, taking part in the Echoes of the South Atlantic conference which poses the question of the future of the Southern Transatlantic relations, particularly concerning the past, present and future role of Europe, and sets out to explore possible answers through a multi-disciplinary, multi-spatial and multi-temporal approach.

Until the 15th century, the Atlantic was a perceptible border between Africa and Europe on one side and America on the other. The overcoming of this border was followed by the well-known history of "discovery", colonization, enslavement, exploitation, migration and wealth in Europe. The exchange between the three continents thus became more dynamic and resulted in a cultural linkage that changed the three continents fundamentally. Meanwhile, the political, cultural and economic constellations have changed and Europe is losing its relative importance. At the same time, the mutual interest and exchange between Africa and South America is increasing.

How do matters stand with the Atlantic Triangle in the 21st century? What kind of position will Europe assume vice versa Africa and South America after having played the role of a colonial hegemon - in different nuances - for the last 500 years? How to deal with knowledge and findings from the past in regards to future trajectories? How to ascertain social, economic, political and cultural developments in the respective world regions? Which histories lead the way to the future and which cultural strategies and innovations can improve life on earth substantially and sustainably?

The conference "Echoes of the South Atlantic - On the Future of the Southern Transatlantic Relations" will deal with the above thematic complex, gathering artists, academics and intellectuals from the three continents - Africa, South America and Europe - in Salvador, city of salient historical relevance in this context.

The following aspects will be approached in the conference:

  • New historiographies
  • Migration and displacement
  • Civil societies of the future
  • Democracy
  • Art and science as hybrid forms of knowledge production

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