Isaac Julien Talk: 'Lina Bo Bardi: Material Ideologies' at Princeton University

Friday 30th March, 10am-4pm, Betts Auditorium, Princeton University
March 28, 2018

Isaac Julien and Rafaela Mendes Ferreira, Art Historian and Researcher, Isaac Julien Studio will be speaking at the Lina Bo Bardi: Material Ideologies conference taking place at Princeton University on Friday 31st March.


Lina Bo Bardi: Material Ideologies presents new perspectives on Bardi as an architect, designer, writer, and activist, among many other things, to engage recent interest and discourse surrounding her work. Whether tectonic or conceptual, social and political agendas are latent in Bardi’s architectural materials, a theme that informs each conference panel: from her application of concrete, to the implementation of nature in schemes, and her reuse of vernacular materials.


Organized by Women in Design and Architecture (WDA) at Princeton University School of Architecture, this annual conference celebrates the work and legacy of a pivotal female architect or designer with contributions from international historians and scholars, in addition to artists and curators.


Friday 30th March, 10am-4pm

Betts Auditorium, Princeton University


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